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Mike Trivia

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mike is half Japanese and embraces Japanese culture.

Mike has asthma.

Mike wears contact lenses.

Mike has over 100 pairs of shoes.

Mike was the youngest student in his class to graduate from college.

Mike has appeared on Punk'd where he was made to park next to a fire hydrant.

Mike has both his ears pierced.

Mike is a fan of the X games.

Mike used to do origami as a child.

Mike loves Halloween.

Mike thinks the worst thing he's eaten is camel.

Mikes favourite food is sushi.

Mike LOVES video games and tries to play on his Xbox everyday.

Mike has 2 dogs.

Mike has a studio at his house.

Mike's favourite sport is basketball and supports the LA Lakers.

Mike used to be on the student council .

Mike tended to avoid sports.

Mike has also produced a track for Lupe Fiasco.

Mike's favourite place to perform is Tokyo.

Mike collects records and vinyl toys as well as art.

Mike's favourite chewing gum is bubblelicious.

Mike's favourite candy bar is Whatchamacallit or Twix.