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Saturday, February 11, 2006

There are currently Mike Shinoda fans online!

The Mike Shinoda Clan Message Board (MSCMB) was open for public use on August 26, 2009. We currently have 21 members. Come join us! :)

The Mike Shinoda Clan Gallery has been opened the same day the site launched (August 10, 2009) and has over 3,800 pictures! There will be a video section shortly, link to come.

MSC History:
The Mike Shinoda Clan (MSC) originated in the Linkin Park Underground Message Boards (LPUMB) originally created by Raymart back in 2007 to unite Mike Shinoda fans under the Mine Field. We've had many members join us since then, we are now on version 10, still located in the LPUMB. In 2008 Ana and Zara have been talking about making a fan site for Mike Shinoda, both being in school time did not permit them, plus a site is a lot of work. Late 2008/early 2009, the MSC was finally a site hosted by google sites, Zara and Ana tried to put as much information as possible before launching the site. However, both owners left the site without updating it for months. Hope for the MSC seemed faint. In early 2009, Zara created a site for UK Linkin Park fans, currently under construction! Zara dedicated all her time to LPUK and school work while Ana dedicated herself to her studies, until Ana contacted Zara that they should update the MSC fan site on June 06, 2009. With this message:

Hey Zara! How are you?? I just had a great idea, well could be a bad one that's why I'm consulting you! Anyway, remember that site we tried to do? Do you think we could go back and try to update now? because I was just thinking perhaps we could make a twitter account to get more people to follow and we could update on LP news and obviously Mike news too, what do you think?? It'd be easy we could also try to make it a real fan site (and by that I mean with official updates and news and well stuff!)
Zara's response was this:
I say, lets do it !!! Ill try get online as much as I can, its a bit more difficult now im back at home for the summer :s But yeah, lets go for it!
And from then on they consulted about the site, however, both owners agreed that that google sites was too hard to manage and moved all the information to blogger, where the MSC is currently hosted. As summer continued, plans about creating a Mike Shinoda fan site finally became a reality, more information was being updated and the MSC site was actually beginning to look like a true fan site! On August 10, 2009 the MSC site launched, both owners promoted their site everywhere possible. Even now Ana still post the site's URL on Mike's blog comments, to get more recognition!