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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Get to know the who is involved in the MSC site!

Ana A.
Hello! I am Ana and I've been a Linkin Park fan for quite some time now, since 2002/2003 but haven't been a hardcore fan since I joined the LPU! I'm part of most LP related sites, such as the LPU, LPMB, FMM, FMMB, etc. My username is usually lpfmfan or lp_fm_fan, however on the LPU, for some strange reason I chose Linkin_Park_Fan809, I'm not sure why! I've been an LPU member since 2006 (when the LPU package was available in Best Buy) I couldn't it buy it online otherwise I would of been a member much sooner! Well, I am 19 years old a current student at the University of Houston and if you haven't guessed it yet... LIVE in Houston. My current major is Mathematics and minor in Psychology, I consider myself premed because I am taking classes for premed students (all the requirements). My dream is to become a doctor, I know it's very difficult but I have hope that my dream will come true! I have also met Mike and Rob on August 24, 2008, Mike is an AMAZING guy, he has to be the sweetest LP band member! Rob is too shy! For many reasons Mike is my idol and my inspiration and that's why I am an owner of the MSC site.

Hello all, I'm Zara, I'm a long time Linkin Park fan and a member of the LPU since 2003. My LPU/LPMB username is Zara19, and on FMMB and the FMM it is Zaralp, also my comments on Mike's blog is under Zara. I have seen Linkin Park 6 times and met them twice (except Mike whom I've only met once :( ), my favourite shows was on the 2003 LPU tour in Nottingham and at Projekt Revolution UK. Im 20 years old and live in Leicester, England. I spent 2 years in Nottingham studying Psychology but this year I moved to University of Leicester to study Computing. Mike has always been my favourite member of LP and I love Fort Minor and his art, not to mention that he always seems sincere and down to earth despite his phenomenal circumstances.

Aloha! I'm Sonia (or Sotiria, my full name in Greek). I've been a Linkin Park fan since 2001 (i think). I've been in the LPU since 2008, when i could afford my own credit card. My username there, and in most LP related pages, is LPrnway. I've seen Linkin Park twice, met them once and i'm hoping for more LP concerts in Greece in the future. Some more things about me, hmmm lets see. I'm 23 years old, i'm from Greece and i'm a pharmacy student. I'm two steps away(2 exams that is) from graduating, woohoo! I have to admit, Mike hasn't always been my favourite. Rob was on top of my list for many years. This somehow changed after joining the LPU. Mike Shinoda clan anyone?

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