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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Diamonds Hearts Spades Clubs

Diamonds Hearts Spades Clubs featured 10 Fort Minor pieces used for the packaging for the album cover and included the album cover “The Rising Tied.” The show also included 13 more artworks and Mike also worked on 5 collaborations for this show with Craola, Dalek, Gary Baseman, Seen and Mr. Hahn.

"Ace of Spades" from Diamonds Hearts Spades Clubs

Glorious Excess (Born)

Hosted at: Japanese American National Museum Opened: July 11, 2008

This was the first part of a two part Glorious Excess show, which concludes with Glorious Excess (Dies). (Born) included 9 artworks, the pieces were larger and more in depth than anything Mike had previously worked on, he mixed many materials including paint and digital art to achieve this. This collection was under the theme of "vanitas"...and pop culture, Japanese imagery, street culture...many things," and was centred around a skeleton celebrity figure who indulged in the celebrity lifestyle but didn't have an any talent or purpose for being a celebrity.

In the build up for (Born) Mike released a 13 minute movie he had made to accompany the art on Mikeshinoda.com, entitled Sirens and Silence, he shot some of the footage on tour and the rest he had obtained elsewhere.

"Smokin" from Glorious Excess (Born)

Glorious Excess (Dies)

Hosted at: Japanese American National Museum Opened: August 29, 2009

The conclusion to Glorious Excess contained 17 paintings and impressive installation included full walls pasted with tabloid articles. (Dies) received impressive reviews from fans and critics for use of digital with other media. The art depicted the characters fame imploding and his death, which ended with a funeral scene with a skeleton painted silver in a casket.

The show also included a customised Honda motorcycle, with the ICON image on it, and MS DC| Suru shoes.

"Neuphoria" from Glorious Excess (Dies)