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Artisan News - Glorious Excess Born

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mike Shinoda Unveils His Glorious Excess

July 2008

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park's multi instrumentalist/producer has always turned to his art for another outlet of his immense creativity and now he looks to build upon the success of his last art show, 'Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, Clubs' with his latest exhibit 'Glorious Excess.' 'Glorious Excess' which is currently on display in Los Angeles at The Japanese American National Museum, touches on the motif of sex, drugs and Rock n Roll which runs rampant in not only the entertainment industry, but in celebrities and non celebrities as well.

We caught up with Mike Shinoda at the unveiling of 'Glorious Excess' to get his thoughts on his creation actually being a two part series 'Born' and 'Dies.'

"This show, Glorious Excess is actually part of a two part series.  This one will be running here at The Japanese American National Museum from now until August 3rd and then in January I'm opening up a second show.  So this one is called 'Born' and 'Dies' is in January and that one is a continuation of this story."

Mike also elaborated on the premise for 'Glorious Excess' being centered around celebrity excess and the sex, drugs and Rock N Roll culture.

"The show I mean by name you can pretty much guess or surmise it's about celebrity excess.  It's about sex, drugs and rock n roll culture.  But it's kind of from my perspective and I've never been totally at home in it, on the red carpet or in the interview or at this big party or whatever.  I have a good time.  I do my thing but it's not my first place to be, my first home you know what I mean.  I think for me the reason I'm there is I love music and art first and foremost and those things are what goes with that."
Mike also gave some insight into the idea for the main character of 'Glorious Excess.'

"The show features this main character who kind of is a celebrity.  He's super rich, kind of dangerous and does not give a crap and he's got this sex, drugs and rock n roll and he's not really talented at anything except being a celebrity.  He's great at being famous."

Shinoda, being of Japanese American decent, chose to unveil his latest art creation at The Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles.  Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park will be kicking off their North American Projekt Revolution Tour July 16th in Mansfield, Ma and the tour extends until August 24th in Woodlands, Texas.

thanks to lptimes.com