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Big Pond News - Linkin Park's Art Exhibit

Friday, February 11, 2005

September 12, 2009 

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has unveiled his latest art exhibition in Los Angeles.

The American rocker is displaying his 'Glorious Excess (Dies) art exhibit which explores obsessions with celebrity culture and consumer addictions.

'This show follows the story of a central fictional celebrity character,' explained Shinoda, 32.
'And people ask me am I him or is he me -- whatever. Kind of not,'

'I think this character is more the exaggerated super rock star, movie star kind of guy. He's dangerous, he's world famous, he's kind of isn't necessarily good at or great at anything but he's really good at staying famous. And he does that over and over through the course of the show. And 'Glorious Excess (Dies)' is about his following that path to the conclusion which inevitable is kind of like at a certain point he can't any more famous without going away,' he said.

Although he has gained international fame through his band, Shinoda initially pursued a career in the arts, boasting a degree in illustration.

The works will be on display through early October 2009.