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Friday, February 11, 2005

Notes from Leave Out All The Rest Video Shoots

 May 2008

One small step for Linkin Park
The rockers of Linkin Park are not actors by trade, but the band is taking some new steps with their music videos. For their latest space-themed clip, "Leave Out All The Rest," the entire group got into character instead of just playing their instruments. Singer Chester Bennington took it one step further, at first asking the crew to refer to him as Lord Humongous.
He explains that his nickname evolved throughout the production, as Mike Shinoda reveals a little too much about the naming game. Shinoda adds that since the band members typically don't act, they told the crew that for them to properly get into character, they needed to be called astronauts. The crew complied, and were lucky enough to finish quickly so they could bid farewell to the astronauts for the day. Keep an eye out for the "Leave Out All The Rest" video, coming soon.

Shinoda feels left out with “All The Rest” clip
Linkin Park are gearing up for their next clip “Leave Out All The Rest,” and when director Joe Hahn created the sci-fi treatment Mike Shinoda was very excited. However, Shinoda has a bone to pick with his bandmate/director about the execution of the clip. “I got to the video shoot the first day and I was the first one there….and based on the treatment, it’s set in space, so I thought we were going to do the whole anti-gravity thing, or at least get hung up by some wires or something,” says Shinoda. “So I saw Joe and asked what the plan was and when we were going to do the anti-gravity stuff. And he was like, ‘Yeah, they cut the budget so just Phoenix gets to do the anti-gravity thing.’”
Shinoda, with a smile, says, “What did I get to do? No, I get to put on a freaking space helmet. It’s probably the same one Lily Allen wore in that Common video……I got sloppy seconds on the space helmet even.” The rapper then argued in fun with singer Chester Bennington about which one of them was the captain of the ship. But Chester won out because his name was Lord Humongous! The video for “Leave Out All The Rest” will arrive in the near future.

thanks to lptimes.com