We Moved! WE MOVED

Rock Circus Interview, November 2001 (with Linkin Park)

Friday, February 11, 2005

RC: Rock Circus has come down to Metropol, we're with
the members of Linkin Park. This is Rob.
Rob: Hello
RC: You're the bassist?
Rob: Drummer
RC: Phoenix, the odest and newest member of the band I'm
told, bass player.
Phoenix: That is correct.
RC: And we got Chester over here.
Chester: Hi
RC: And Todd
Brad: I'm Brad, but you can call me Todd.
RC: I'm sorry, my bust, so tell me a little bit...
(Mike who is sitting behind Gigz waves to the camera)
Mike: I'm not in the band.
RC: Mike, I'm sorry, I didn't even see you behind me.
Mike: I'm here for moral support and to sit over-top
of everybody.
RC: My bad, hey they're being very nice to us we forgot
the tape and luckily I live very close and I was
able to get back and weasel an interview in. Thanks
guys for being so nice to us.
Band: No problem.
RC: So you guys are from Southern California, what part?
Chester: Los Angeles, California.
RC: You guys look relatively young, did you hook up in
Mike: Yeah, we're still in highschool, none of us have
our driver's liscences yet.
RC: Nah, you look a little older than that man.
Mike: No I'm thirteen.
RC: I got a fourteen year old daughter you can hook up
Chester: Alright!
RC: No I didn't say that, I got church people that watch
my show. Now you guys got two vocalists, Chester
and Mike.
Brad: And Todd.
RC: And Todd, Brad over there, I'm sorry my bad. That's
what you get when you try to pull one out your ass.
But anyway is there any problems between egos?
Mike: Yeah, a lot, we hate eachother!
RC: I would doubt that.
Chester: That's what makes it so diverse and dynamic
when you write lyrics cause it's about how much we
hate eachother.
RC: Is that what sells?
Chester: Yeah
RC: And then you throw Todd's guitar work in over there,
I'm sorry Brad I'm busting your balls.
Mike: Big Bad Todd.
RC: How did you hook up with these guys?
Mike: Tough Tall Todd.
Brad: You can call me tough tall, Mike and I actually
met in junior high, I went to college with Dave,
Rob played with me in a band in highschool.
Phoenix: Who's Dave?
Brad: Oh, sorry, Phoenix... phonics... and Chester was
the last piece of our beautiful little puzzle.
Chester: They found me in a dumpster.
Mike: I went to school with Joe. Mr Hahn's to busy
working out to hang out with us but I knew Joe from
college, so that we don't leave him out of the
puzzle there. He told us to screw off I think.
RC: (laughing)Now your CD title is Hybrid Theory, the
title originally was the name of the band, what
transpired there?
Mike: It was basically a legal issue that we changed the
name. We chose the name Linkin Park for one reason,
the spelling L I N K I N. We've always been
interested in the internet and a lot of our first
fans and street-team members were from the internet
so we wanted to choose a name that we could get the
band name .COM. Basically we just wanted the
website, that's it, that's the only reason.
Chester: We're pretty boring.
RC: No you guys aren't boring, you guys were flying all
around here before we started.
(Joe walks up from behind the back of the bus to join
the crowd)
Chester: He's pumped up, check him out dude, look at the
size of that guy!
Mike: He's so pumped. (in an Arnold Schwartzenager voice)
(Joe makes a blow me jester to the group)
RC: How much can you bench?
Joe: Uhh... I bench like 120 pounds.
RC: No, come on.
Joe: Sixty pounds on each side.
RC: What do you do like sets of ten with that?
Joe: No, like three.
RC: Do you run the turn-tables or drums?
Joe: Yeah, I rent turn-tables every night, scratch.
RC: Does that help your abilities there?
Joe: I actually started off petting dogs.
RC: Well, that would be a great catalyst to that.
Joe: Then I moved on to cats.
RC: Then you could move on to spanking the monkey.
Joe: No, I've been doing that for years.
RC: See, you had a head start before petting dogs.
Joe: Yeah monkeys, we go way back.
RC: Or turtles?
Joe: No just turtle heads.
RC: Cat heads, whatever it takes.
(Chester is bent over with laughter on the other side
of the couch)
Mike: Chester's gonna bust his gut here.
Chester: Sometimes I get posessed by the laughing
RC: How long are you guys gonna be out on the road? A
good while, through the end of the year?
Mike: We'll be on tour with HedPe and POD and Project 86
through the rest of this month, November, and then
in December we'll be hooking up with Papa Roach.
RC: Good friend of RC, he's a cool dude. But hey I'll
wrap this up, I know you guys have things to do,