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Yam Interview With Fort Minor

Friday, February 11, 2005

Interview with Fort Minor

January 2006

Yam: Are you happy how everything is going on with Fort Minor at the moment?
Mike: Yes. I think it´s cool that hip-hop fans who are also Linkin Park fans - who only listens to rock, likes FM. It´s also great that they like the lyrics ,even though we are not rapping about guns, chicks and money.

Yam: You were on tour in Europe and you have some gigs in America. How is it to be on tour with Styles of Beyond instead of Chester&Co?
Mike: It´s a bit relax. Linkin Park was always on tour with other rock bands where there are stippers, drugs and alcohol every night but we didn't do all that, we were more discipline. There are no strict rules with Fort Minor, you can go to a bar for a drink after a show and it´s okay.

Yam: You don't see your wife often when you're on tour. Do you call her sometimes?
Mike: Every day! She likes to call but I don´t really like to talk on my cellphone. But to be married also means to make compromises and for Anna I like to make an exception. But I´m really keen to hear the new rumours about our friends.

Yam: So you like to hear the gossips from home?
Mike: (giggles) Oh yeah! That´s better than any soap. Should I tell you some FM gossip? Cheapshot from Styles of Beyond, had broke up with his girlfriend because he thought that he will have a lot of chicks on tour- but he didn´t get one. Of course we make fun of him.

Yam: Linkin Park will be releasing a new album this year, you are going to focus on Linkin Park after the Fort Minor tour?
Mike: I think that I can work on both projects. At the moment I write Linkin Park songs during the FM tour.

Yam: So the rumours that you will leave Linkin Park are not true?
Mike: That´s absolutely crap! I´m really looking forward to be at the studio with the guys again. The songs we wrote are really great!

Yam: If you have to decide between FM and Linkin Park, which one would you choose?
Mike: That's a ridiculous question. The tobands are like my babies - you have to love both.
There is also a short interview from Styles Of Beyond about Mike.

Yam: How is it to be on tour with Mike?
Cheapshot: 100% fun. Mike is a great friend.
Ryu: Even when he's very busy he still hang up with us at the bar
Tak: For us, Styles of Beyond, it´s really a great chance to tour with Mike.
Yam: Tell us a little secret about Mike?
Ryu: Mike wants fresh socks and underwear after every show

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