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Mike LPU chat transcript: 09/04/2009

Sunday, September 4, 2005


*** (11:59):Welcome to Linkin Park Underground , mshinoda !

mshinoda says to (12:00):
Yeah. Sit tight. And don't post in green, I'm calling green today.

darknessovrme says to (12:00):

darknessovrme says to (12:01):
when ever your ready mike =)

mshinoda says to (12:01):

How funny are these avatars?

mshinoda says to (12:01):
I'm going with red fuzzy dice

mshinoda says to (12:01):
...or die, i guess. There's only one. Why would there only be one?

darknessovrme says to (12:01):
dont post out of turn folks, and idk

mshinoda says to (12:01):
I'll be back in a minute

darknessovrme says to (12:05):
we are starting at J

pegasusrocks says to (12:07):

darknessovrme says to (12:07):
we will start shortly we have to get some things situated

mshinoda says to (12:07):
check me out in the LPU chat http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_real_mike_shinoda/3888100900/

mshinoda says to (12:07):

mshinoda says to (12:07):
we can start

mshinoda says to (12:08):
And don't go browsing thru that flickr page until after the chat or you'll miss everything

mshinoda says to (12:08):
I'm about to post that Flickr slideshow on mikeshinoda.com

KITTYBETTY says to Gotik_LP (12:08):
mike what you think of the new cd from dead by sunrise?

mshinoda says to (12:09):
DBS: its great

JanekZech says to mshinoda (12:09):
Yo Mike, will we ever hear the MTM b-sides? Thanks!

mshinoda says to (12:09):
MTM b-sides: maybe someday. No concrete plans yet

Ju_Ki_Ba90 says to (12:09):
Hey MiKe! how are you? Congrats at first! You are an amazing artist!!!! which one is your favourite painting? I love all of them..lol.. take care!

mshinoda says to (12:10):
Paintings: I don't have a favorite. Theyre like children

KATHYxx says to (12:10):
Mike, what do your song seeds sound like in general? Do you consider them an evolution of Minutes to Midnight or is it a whole new bird? Thanks for visiting.

mshinoda says to (12:11):
The new songs are their own thing...they sound pretty different. I know we kinda said that last time (and it was true then), but it might be even more true now.

kementari says to (12:10):
Hi, Mike do you intend to make more art galleries like glorious excess? if so, which themes you have in mind, and how do you define the death of the glxs's skull?

mshinoda says to (12:11):
Art: so far, I've been doing about one per year

keineAhnung says to (12:11):
Hi! what was the hardest part of creating glorious excess (dies)?...and thx for posting all those amazing pics on your blog! ...Love them!

LPrnway says to (12:13):
hey Mike,congrats on the art show! :) will you put in your site the video documentary showing your process of working on the art pieces after the exhibit is over?greetings from Greece!

mshinoda says to (12:14):
The GLXS video piece turned out really great, I think. I'm trying to see if we can get it placed anywhere. Maybe Current TV, maybe some places online. I hope to put it up on my site in a few weeks so more people can see it

LpRocker88 says to (12:13):
Do you forsee another Fort Minor project in the future besides placing that FM energy into the upcoming LP record like stated in interviews?

linkinandjayziskickass says to (12:13):
when will we begin getting more news about the linkin park record? can you tell us anything about it that we may not know?

mshinoda says to (12:14):
FM ideas = new LP ideas

lorenex7 says to (12:13):
Hey Mike, You have a lot of talent for the Art, have you ever thought of working with Artists tattooer? Or draw drawings to be tattooed ?
Thank you Mike, I love you guys. Linkin Park Forever. Lorene From France

mshinoda says to (12:15):
Tattoo: not really. I helped design Phoenix's tattoos, that's about it.
mshinoda says to (12:16):
I always tell people: I can't get a tattoo, beacuse a.) I would probably hate it shortly after it was done, and b.) I'm not really a half-assed kind of person; once I got one, I would have to get 100...

MandysFriend says to (12:15):
thx for all that you create and share with us, the fans. but, how would you feel if someone were to get a tattoo of YOUR artwork (GLXS,etc)? creeped out, violated, impressed, proud, anything, nothing?

mshinoda says to (12:17):
I see people with our art tattooed on them. If that's for you, then it's all good. I'm not a huge fan of people copying other peoples' tattoos, though. Tattoos are supposed to be a personal expression...so biting someone else's is kinda like plagiarism
mshinoda says to (12:17):
but then again, I guess there are even excpetions to that!

moniku says to (12:16):
Hi Mike! You used a great blend of both digital and traditional media in your Glorious Excess pieces. Do you think you can live without one or the other at this point, while getting your full idea across in your artwork still?

mshinoda says to (12:17):
I like painting and I like making music. I hope to continue to do both whenever the ideas strike me

Mr_Delson says to (12:17):
Hi Mike! You are really successful person. Do you have any other goals you was not able to reach?

mshinoda says to (12:18):
goals: to redo my website / blog
mshinoda says to (12:18):
FYI, we're going to be re-doing all our websites in the near future.

noa says to (12:18):
Hi Mike, what would you say to those people who think LP died with MTM, do you think you will recover that fans with the new CD? Noa from Linkin Park Spain Magazine.

mshinoda says to (12:19):
MTM: I love all our albums.
mshinoda says to (12:20):
We make music that feels good to us, and hope you guys are on board for the journey

NoFace says to (12:19):
Hey Mike, of all the forms of art you have been working on, which artwork do you consider the magnum opus of your lifetime, till now? Have your muse ever played hide and seek with you?

mshinoda says to (12:21):
our magnum opus is "26 lettaz"

Orangefish says to (12:20):
Hey Mike, I was at GLXS (Born), and it was awesome! You was so relaxed! When I would start an Artshow, I would be really nervous. Do you have a special warm up? Greetings from Germany, Denise.

mshinoda says to (12:21):
special warmup: stretching

PinkyLouloulp says to (12:21):
In Glorious Excess ''Dies'' we can see a variety of bright colours, pink for example. Does it interpretate something since we are talking for a ''funeral''?

mshinoda says to (12:22):
GLXS colors: those colors reference the tabloid media more than the funeral aspect

phill715 says to (12:21):
Hey Mike, why is it that you are the only one that ever posts on the LPU message boards?

mshinoda says to (12:22):
posting on LPU: because I am more awesome

PoLyAttAck says to (12:22):
Hi,Mike. What is it that you really have against twitter? os is it just because pheonix is on it?

mshinoda says to (12:23):
Twitter: I didn't start it. Phoenix did.

pegasusrocks says to (12:22):

mshinoda says to (12:23):
But I'll finish it! LOL

raaaaphy says to (12:23):
Hey Mike! Do you use instruments on the new record you have never used before? Thanks

mshinoda says to (12:23):
New instruments: I'm actually trying to downsize
mshinoda says to (12:24):
There are too many options. I want to pick a few favorites and see how far I can tweak those...but one of them is my MPC, so I guess that's pretty versatile

Raiden says to Anene (12:23):
Hey Mike! What can you tell us about the new SURU x DC Life Sneaker what was at the show? Greetings from Hungary.

mshinoda says to (12:24):
MS / SURU / DC shoe is going to be super super limited. Only 500 pairs in the world, ever. Available at Suru and mikeshinoda.com
mshinoda says to (12:24):
soon I think

spoiled_suk says to (12:24):
hey mike! what was your reaction to the success of glorious excess (born/dies)? thanks for chatting :]

rde says to (12:23):
Do you have any special goals as an artist? Was setting up your own art show the biggest dream you had or are you aiming at something bigger? PS. Thank you for signing my shoe in Finland!

scottdaniels says to (12:24):
Mike Whats Your Favorite Part About Glorious Excess That You Like Doing Every Year and How has Glorious Excess Evolved over the Years ?

simplis says to (12:25):
Have you thought about making an art show with much more private subject open for interpretation?

mshinoda says to (12:25):
the GLXS DIES reaction has been huge! I guess exactly what I would have hoped for
mshinoda says to (12:25):
Always nice to hear nice things about a creative project.
mshinoda says to (12:25):
stop using green!
mshinoda says to (12:26):
I'm missing your comments.

mshinoda says to (12:26):
I'm done with GLXS. It was 2 shows...now, on to the next thing!

pegasusrocks says to (12:26):
Mike has dibs on neon green folks, please make sure to pick a different color to post with. Thanks!

mshinoda says to (12:27):

tinkerbella25 says to (12:26):
Hi Mike.. I was wondering, since many of us won't be able to witness GLXS in person, have you thought about bringing it somewhere else or maybe the next Projekt Rev? Thank you for coming today!!!

mshinoda says to (12:27):
I'd love to take an art show on tour, but most galleries only want to show "new" work (meaning they want to sell it)
mshinoda says to (12:28):
they can't make money on not-for-sale work, and they have high overheads to keep their doors open. It's a tough business, apparently
mshinoda says to (12:28):
I wouldn't know; I don't own an art gallery!

thegluelpfan says to (12:27):
If you had to paint yourself as part of the GLXS world,what kind of person would paint yourself as?

mshinoda says to (12:28):
self-portrait: funny you ask this. I just got asked to be a part of a self-portrait art show. more info to come on mikeshinoda.com

Thibaut says to (12:27):
Hey Mike! love your stuff! Meteora is the first CD i bought in my entire life and i'm a fan since i'm 14, good job dude you're amazing! I want to know if you could design the next LPU Tee and put some of your cool skeletons on it, or in a Music Video?

mshinoda says to (12:29):
Next LPU tee....might be a good idea. We'll see if I can make that work.
mshinoda says to (12:29):
We don't know what the packaging and stuff will look like, yet
mshinoda says to (12:30):
But we got pink and black out of our systems, so probably not that combo

williamlp says to (12:29):
Hi mike, i met u in greece at the m&g but we didn't have enough time to ask u about ur art.
my question is: will u collaborate with any other artists in the near future?(i was the kid asked you to do a skull on my drumhead)

mshinoda says to (12:30):

art collabo: absolutely!

zara19 says (12:28):
How much of your own art do you have in your house? Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

mshinoda says to (12:30):
I have more art than some people...but less than Joe Hahn

yanying says to (12:30):Hi Mike, can we expect to see more art shows THROUGHOUT the United States (apart from LA) in the future? Thanks. :)

mshinoda says to (12:31):
I want to take my art outside LA. That's all I know right now. We'll see what I can set up!

ayza says to mshinoda (12:32):
I know it?s a little early to ask but are you gonna do something special for LP Undergrounds 10th anniversary?

mshinoda says to (12:32):
Actually, it's Hybrid Theory's 10th anniversary first, so we're trying to come up with something cool for that
mshinoda says to (12:33):
mshinoda says to (12:33):
that's a Billboard piece about the new album

ACDalgaard says to (12:32):
Do you feel any difference in the flow of your creativity when you're making visual art compared to when you're making music?

mshinoda says to (12:36):

Art / Music: I'm trying to execute the ideas in a the way that best serves them at this point. The more outlets I have, the more options I have when deciding...

_Haru_ says to (12:33):
hey mike, first off thank you because of you i started drawing and that saved my life. so my question is what is youre favorite artwork in the world? thx and hugs from switzerland

mshinoda says to (12:35):
here's a really random list of art I like: Alphonse Mucha, Vermeer, Murakami, Shepard Fairey, Egon Schiele, Banksy, Ron English, JR, Jeff Soto, Mark Dean Veca, Blu Blu, Hirst,
mshinoda says to (12:35):

AET says to (12:35):
have you been told not to tell anything about LPs new album?

mshinoda says to (12:37):
LP new album: we could write 80 country songs, then write 12 gangsta rap songs. If I tell you the album sounds like country, but then we pick the last 12...you get the picture

carriemichelle says to (12:36):
I heard that you were considering the idea of putting on a charity poker tournament for MusicForRelief. If true, can you give any more details on that?

mshinoda says to (12:37):
charity poker: someday. it keeps getting moved around

BearSnugsFox says to (12:36):
Hey Mike, congrats on the art show! do you have some kinds of rituals before you start working on a piece of art? Do you consider making art a rite itself? Greets from Vietnam!

mshinoda says to (12:39):
Rituals? Only my ouija board and the sacrifice of a virgin sheep in the name of Leroy Jenkins

pegasusrocks says to (12:39):

darknessovrme says to (12:40):

dwarf says to (12:39):
Hey Mike. Your singing is pretty awesome.
Will you sing a little bit more on the new album(or anywhere...in the future), maybe one or two songs at least?

mshinoda says to (12:39):
singing: I will sing on the new album, just for you.
mshinoda says to (12:40):
but only if i get to use my "I Am T-Pain" app on the iPhone

DXIC says to (12:39):
Hi Mike. Why were M&G rules changed? A lot of ppl don't like this system because very small amount of LPUers are chosen to attend M&G, and also because of only 2 members of the band present. Alexandr from Russia.

mshinoda says to (12:41):
LPU rules change because change is good
mshinoda says to (12:41):

ewka77 says to cuzer (12:40):
Hey mike are you going to add some more guitar solos to LP songs on the next LP record? You know, maybe some progressive stuff, i'm sure that brad would be very happy then

mshinoda says to (12:40):
in what way are guitar solos progressive?
mshinoda says to (12:40):
guitar solos have been going on for eons
mshinoda says to (12:41):

Guerrero says to mshinoda (12:41):
Hi Mike! I'm Paul from Athens, GR. First of all congratulations for GLXS Dies! 4 days ago I saw at MS.com the images of your paintings! I'm very interesting to know what inspired you to paint Kurt Cobain as the "Four Seasons - Summer" painting.Thanks Mike!

mshinoda says to (12:42):
Four Seasons was a reference to Alphonse Mucha's 4 seasons. His were 4 pretty girls. Mine was the 4 seasons of celebrity martyrdom.
mshinoda says to (12:42):
Each star died in the season in which he is represented

Giannis_LP says to (12:41):
Hi Mike! Will u consider doing any art for the new LP album? If yes i hope it will be as good as Fort Minor's CD & Hybrid Theory Soldier!(I was the kid with the flames & yr face on my arms at the M&G in Greece. Tnx 4 yr pen & 4 playing A Place 4 my head!!!

Chemist999 says to (12:35):
Hello, Mike. Do you try to keep the ideas for you art like GLXS separate from those you use in your music, or have you thought of creating art that would thematically accompany LP's albums like you did with Fort Minor?

mshinoda says to (12:43):
We are already working on the art for the new LP cycle. I have NO idea where we'll end up, but we want the whole thing--music, art, live show, web, merch--to have a more solid, unique identity than ever before.

Gouda says to (12:43):
Hi Mike. How many tracks will be on the LPU 9 CD ? Greetings from Germany !

mshinoda says to (12:44):
LPU9: somewhere between 1 and 100 tracks
mshinoda says to (12:44):
on the CD

GraiggyLand says to (12:44):
Hey Mike, congrats for the new art show ! I already bought the art book but Neuphoria seems to be sold out, 25 was obviously not enough do you plan to release another limited art print from this show, maybe fireworks ?? My house is kinda Shinoda Museum

mshinoda says to (12:45):
The Neuphoria print was super limited. I may release a new print
mshinoda says to (12:45):
don't kow yet

mshinoda says to (12:45):
I just remembered that I can turn off the messaging when people enter / exit the room. Ahhh

ipek says to (12:45):
Hey Mike Will you guys change the LP logo with the new album? Sunburnt girl from Turkey.

mshinoda says to (12:46):
New logo: I kinda like the circle one. My vote is to keep it for a while. We always change logos every album...but the circle one feels like it should stick around. To me, at least

HellyGrace says to (12:47):
What do you like more - play guitar, rapping or painting?

mshinoda says to (12:47):
I like chatting more

Jess_LP says to mshinoda (12:47):
Who's winning the blog vs. twitter ''war'' between u and Dave? And what's the meaning of life?! ;P Jess (UK) xx

mshinoda says to (12:48):
I am winning. And the Meaning of Life is a Monty Python movie

JanekZech says to mshinoda (12:47):
Hey Mike, what can you tell us about the Xero song ?Pictureboard?? Have you ever recorded it? If so, could we LPU members download it or sth? Thanks!

mshinoda says to (12:48):
Pictureboard is a song. I've never seen it online
mshinoda says to (12:49):
I'm pretty sure it's not out there
mshinoda says to (12:49):
We have a bunch of songs that aren't out there, though

Kirenji says to (12:49):
Hi Mike. Will you make another Fort Minor album or do you prefer concentrate on art and LP ? Hello from France and thanks for all that you do with LP, it has changed the life of many people

mshinoda says to (12:49):
FM ideas ------> LP ideas
mshinoda says to (12:49):
mshinoda says to (12:49):
LP ideas = LP ideas

darknessovrme says to (12:50):

KATHYxx says to (12:49):
Mike, in regards to the website updates you just mentioned, is it a facelift, new functionality added, or are bugs getting fixed finally? Are we polled on this?

mshinoda says to (12:50):
Website: we're reworking the look and simplifying the overall structure. But I've also been trying to get them to simplify the sign-in procedure. Clicking thru 10 pages to make a comment or post on the MB is silly

LinkinSoldierLP says to (12:50):
Hey Mike. In Frat Party at the Pankake Festival, I saw for the first time the Linkin Park Skateboard. Do you know where can i found it or is this limited? Thanks and you're great. =)

mshinoda says to (12:51):
skateboard: that one is really old. Ebay?

LP713 says to (12:50):
do you think yall will ever let a fan go up and play a song with you guys again?(on guitar) and i don't know if i am supposed to post another question since mine already got answered before...if not..sorry

mshinoda says to (12:51):
I like having fans play on stage with us, especially when they're good

linkingabo says to mshinoda (12:51):
Have you ever thought about re-recording the songs from the Xero tape with Chester's voice and release them (maybe on LPU CDs)? ....greetings from Slovakia

mshinoda says to (12:51):
Re-recording xero songs? why, wouldn't you rather have a new LP album?

MaryBing says to (12:52):
Is there something that the crowd does at conserts that makes you really love your job?

mshinoda says to (12:54):
The crowds at the show: being there is enough. our shows are a blast

mshinoda says to (12:53):
guys, don't PM me. I would love to answer all the ?s, but you have to respect the people when its their turn
mshinoda says to (12:53):
thanks tho

MajiksMonster says to (12:55):
Mike, were any of the art peices at your show benefiting any charities, excluding Music For Relief?

mshinoda says to (12:56):
I donate all my art $ to charity. MFR, Art Center College of Design, japanese American National Museum in general

moniLain says to (12:55):
Hey Mike, will you have more rap parts on the next [LP] album than on MTM ? Greetings from Germany, Mona

mshinoda says to (12:55):

there was a ? about the song "lockjaw" -- i think it was kinda a step along the way. the new stuff has some of that post modern / post rock feel, but again, I don't know what will end up on the album

mshinoda says to (12:56):
more rapping: possibly

Nemi says to mshinoda (12:56):
Hey Mike! I love the movie Frat Party at the Pankake Festival. Will you guys do a movie like that again? love from Norway !!

mshinoda says to (12:57):
Frat Party: I think our LPTV episodes have kinda taken that over...maybe we should put all the LPTV episodes together on a DVD. Then again, why do that when you can just watch them here for free?

NoFace says to (12:58):
Mike, how does the creative process go in a genius-mind like yours? Everything starts with some long planned ideas in your head or just flows out of your hands- stream of consciousness style? Say one true thing about Dave that can scare off the fans.

mshinoda says to (12:58):
genius - LOL
mshinoda says to (12:59):
I'd say more stream of consciousness at first, to get the good ideas down. Then a more conscious, deliberate mode, to organize the ideas and add more thoughtful stuff. True for music or painting, usually

Orangefish says to (12:59):
Mike, what means the Japanese writing on top of your blog? Greetings from Germany, Denise. P.S: I'm on Team Shinoda. LOL.

mshinoda says to (13:00):
japanese: google it

darknessovrme says to (12:59):
kk lovelies i got work, yall have fun with the rest of this!

pegasusrocks says to (13:00):
Thanks Darkness!

darknessovrme says to (13:00):
no worries glad to help out as much as i could
darknessovrme says to (13:00):
irah is singing 26 lettaz next time

phill715 says to (13:00):
Hey Mike, when you released lockjaw to the LPU, there was a lot of arguement over whether or not to share the song, and those who did were pretty much hated by their fellow LPUers for sharing an LPU exclusive song. What is your stance on sharing music?

mshinoda says to (13:01):
music sharing: i've commented on this before. you'll have to go look thru my other comments (preferrably the most recent ones) to clear anything up

Raiden says to (13:01):
Mike! What can you tell us about the upcoming LP apps for iPhone/iPod touch?

mshinoda says to (13:03):
LP app for iPhone is coming along! A little slower than I had hoped, but it looks good. I think it will be an RPG style thing. It'll be slightly dark, but with a sense of humor.

ressk says to (13:01):
Hey Mike, about the war between you and Phoenix, how are you gonna destroy Phoenix once and for all?

mshinoda says to (12:59):
mshinoda says to (13:00):
is actually a cannibal. if you talk to him, or you're a fan of him, he will consume your flesh.
mshinoda says to (13:04):
I will destroy Phoenix with a lazer beam of pure awesomeness

pegasusrocks says to (13:04):

Tuire says to (13:03):
What is the best song to perform? what makes you always to a good mood.. or do you have bad days at all? (lol)

mshinoda says to (13:05):
best song to perform: usually "gimme shelter"

spoiled_suk says to mshinoda (13:03):
mike! what is your favorite dead by sunrise
song? will you be featured in any dead by sunrise shows?

mshinoda says to (13:05):
I don't have a favorite DBS song

sexy_steve_lp says to (13:04):
mike do you feel that rap will play an important part of linkin parks future?

mshinoda says to (13:05):
i play drums

mshinoda says to (13:05):

Sepol says to (13:05):
With the 4th album, you'll have a lot more songs to pick for your setlists; will you play longer shows, or just be more selective about the songs you play live? maybe bring dome oldies (Step Up, With You) back? Thanks for being here, mmuch love from Portug

mshinoda says to (13:06):
shows: we'll see how the set list looks once we have some new songs. first things first

tinkerbella25 says to (13:06):
Mike, your DC shoes are rather manly, will you design shoes that are rather girly??? pink and black?

mshinoda says to (13:06):
DC shoes: I'm not designing any more DC shoes. time to move on
mshinoda says to (13:06):
SURU one is the last
mshinoda says to (13:07):
Maybe I'll design a shoe with lego. They'll be a little hard to break in, but they'll look good

Waiting4thesun says to (13:07):
Hi mike! Why did u choose neon green? It's my favorite color and it's really hard for me to use a different color... ahahah... You're great! Thanx for everything Ale (Italy)

mshinoda says to (13:07):
you can have neon green back when i leave

yanying says to (13:08):
Mike, have you ever thought of starting your own clothing line? Thanks.

mshinoda says to (13:09):
fashion is a fast-paced, fickle, stressful world. I'm not interested!

Yahali says to (13:08):
what do you feel when you listen to yourself rapping/singing on lp records? is it weird?

mshinoda says to (13:09):
I don't listen to myself often. Even if it comes on the radio, I usually turn it off
mshinoda says to (13:09):
I listen a lot when I'm writing a song though

yigit says to (13:09):
Hey Mike. are you working on a new stage design for linkin park?

mshinoda says to (13:10):
New stage design: yes.

zara19 says to (13:10):
Being a perfectionist do you ever throw away any art you?ve done that you?re not happy with? Tell us a joke, thanks Zara

mshinoda says to (13:11):
art: I try not to get back into critical mode on anything I've "finished" because I will ALWAYS find something wrong with it

mshinoda says to (13:10):

It looks like we went thru everyone once. Thanks for coming to the chat!

pegasusrocks says to (13:10):
Thanks SO much for your time Mike!

pegasusrocks says to (13:12):
bring it

mshinoda says to (13:11):
mshinoda says to (13:12):
instead of a joke, how about a funny link?
mshinoda says to (13:12):

mshinoda says to (13:12):

pegasusrocks says to (13:12):
Thanks Mike!

pegasusrocks says to (13:12):
Thanks everyone for coming to the chat today!

*** (13:13):mshinoda lost connection, left the room