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Mike LPU chat transcript: 12/09/2009

Friday, December 9, 2005

*** (12:39):Welcome to Linkin Park Underground , mshinoda !
pegasusrocks says to (12:39):
pegasusrocks says to (12:40):
Please be patient, chat will start soon.
mshinoda says to (12:41):

pegasusrocks says to (12:41):
Please be patient. Chat will start soon.
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if you have that color font change it to a readable font
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Make sure to pay attention. Darkness will let everyone know when it is time to post.
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do not post out of turn
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Mike whenever your ready let me know
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Nice LPU9 chatroom skin

mshinoda says to (12:42):
sure, lets go

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Mike is using green do not use it
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Letter W post
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don't use green, it'll help me see your questions...and not get them confused with mine

whythedarkness says to pegasusrocks (12:43):
Hi Mike. Hope you?re well! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us; it means more to me than I can say. My question is: how do you cope with pressure to swim with the current when all you want to do is swim against it and how do you stay...
mshinoda says to (12:43):
I learned to swim when I was little. Diving too.

williamlp says to mshinoda (12:44):
Hey mike, thank you for making awesome music and art... Will the new album consist of any music that we definatly would not expect from you guys??
mshinoda says to (12:45):
The new stuff is pretty unusual so far. You'll have to hear it to understand. Different sounds (guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, etc), and new approaches to writing the songs

walkdifferent says to (12:44):
Good afternoon Mike, what moments in your life have helped confirm some of your strongest held beliefs? Thank you.
mshinoda says to (12:47):
defining moments: I suppose going to college, my first job (packing fruit and vegetables in a produce warehouse), and writing and recording Hybrid Theory and Minutes To Midnight.

darknessovrme says to (12:46):
X post your questions

Xris24 says to (12:46):
Hey mike! based on what criteria do you guys decide on which countries you are going to perform?
mshinoda says to (12:48):
We decide where to tour based on a lot of things. I don't know all of them off hand, but obviously the size of the crowd (draw) and the impact of the show in its location rank pretty high.

XxbrokenangelxX says to (12:47):
Hey Mike!When it comes to musical influnces are there any artists out now that catch your attention? if so would you like to work with them? Lots of Love from India
mshinoda says to (12:50):
musical influences: NWA, Public Enemy, Depeche Mode, U2, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Aphex Twin, Bjork...
mshinoda says to (12:50):
awesome to see the fans from India representing right now, BTW

xCaboose117x says to (12:47):
Mike, I just wanna say the singing you did on Fear and The Little Things Give Youy Away (Demo) was amazing. Heres my question. Across the Line seems to be very popular with the fanbase. Even though it did not make the Minutes to Midnight album, any chance
xCaboose117x says to (12:47):
that it will be played live one day?
mshinoda says to (12:50):
let Caboose finish their questions please...
mshinoda says to (12:50):
nevermind, just saw it.
mshinoda says to (12:51):
I don't have any idea if it will be played live. It will have to compete for a setlist spot vs. all our singles and the song from the new album though...

darknessovrme says to (12:50):
Y and Z post

zackj2245 says to (12:50):
Mike do you think there will be more of your vocals on the new album?
mshinoda says to (12:52):
More of my vocals on new album: I have no idea. Sorry!

zara19 says to (12:52):
Hi Mike, on the songs that you've completed for the album do you rap on them or does Chester take the lead vocals? Thanks for chatting with us, Zara from the Mike Shinoda Clan
mshinoda says to (12:53):
We're working on 5 songs in particular right now. One has a lot of rapping. Chester and I sing back and forth on one. We sing together on one, and he sings the other two.
mshinoda says to (12:53):
Oops, I suppose we sing together on two. He sings one alone.
mshinoda says to (12:53):
That's just 5 songs, though!

zuf says to (12:53):
Hi mike, why didn't you put across the line in mtm? it's a great song in my opinion
mshinoda says to (12:54):
Across the Line just baaarely missed the cut. If there were 12 songs, I think it was #13.

darknessovrme says to (12:54):
numbers, symbols, and letter A post and only those post

mshinoda says to (12:54):
Do you guys want to know a few secrets?
mshinoda says to (12:54):

linkinjess says to (12:54):
yes :)
pegasusrocks says to (12:54):
Secrets? YES
mshinoda says to (12:55):
You know about the iPhone game we're doing, right?

pegasusrocks says to (12:55):
mshinoda says to (12:55):
The game is for the iPhone and iPod touch. The story is this:
mshinoda says to (12:56):
The game takes place in a world that used to be all "low resolution." 8-bit and lower...
mshinoda says to (12:57):
Then an evil corporation arrived, and they've brainwashed everyone to buy higher resolution. They are called PixxelKorp. A small rebellion has begun, to fight against PixxelKorp. You (the player) may be our only hope to combat the evil!
mshinoda says to (12:58):
As you get through the game,
mshinoda says to (12:59):
It's laid out like an RPG style game, but it's got a strong social community aspect. You can talk to all your friends playing, and play together. You solve various missions to fight PixxelKorp.
mshinoda says to (12:59):
If you finish the whole 1st mission, you get something AWESOME.
mshinoda says to (13:00):
(I'll answer some more questions now)

1rolphb says to mshinoda (12:55):
MIke, Do You Have A Release Date Or Title For The New CD?
mshinoda says to (13:00):
Release date for new album: asap!
mshinoda says to (13:00):
2010, as soon as it's done.

Aditya_the_warrior_within says to XxbrokenangelxX (12:56):
hey Mike ! Aditya here from India. can you tell us more about the origin of 'Across The Line'. also will the new record coming out next year will have a 'making of ___' dvd with it? thanks a lot for chatting with us !!
mshinoda says to (13:01):
Across The Line was in progress around the same time as most of the songs from MTM. No More Sorrow, LOATR, LTGYA, etc.

darknessovrme says to (12:57):
B post

br0wnst3r says to (12:58):
Hey Mike, do you think you'll ever make a follow-up record with Fort Minor?
mshinoda says to (13:01):
Fort Minor music: I'm trying to channel that stuff into the new LP album.

BlackChester says to mshinoda (12:59):
Hey Mike, first of all, your new DCs featuring Joe feel great. Will you be at some european festivals next year? MLK.com just declined, that you'll be at Rock am Ring. Greets from bc.de j-k.de and LPR.net (we met in berlin last year)
mshinoda says to (13:03):
European festivals (performances) - nothing scheduled yet. If anyone is saying we're confirmed on a bill...we're not. LinkinPark.com will always be the most reliable source for that info.

darknessovrme says to (13:02):
C post your question 1 time and 1 time only

colinlpu says to darknessovrme (13:03):
Q: Hi Mike. Out of any demos you, or the rest of the band have made, have you ever felt it should have been progressed more before being either voted out or at the time you felt it wasn't "your sound"?
mshinoda says to (13:03):
mshinoda says to (13:04):
Are you saying did any demos "make the cut" that I didn't like? Not really. For the most part, it's just a matter of liking it at the time. Some songs I liked more when we wrote them than I do now, but you can only do your best :)

cavpollo says to (13:03):
If you could tweak a LP song little bit to give it a fresh new 'look'(like Reanimation, gr8 album btw), which one would u pick?(and what would be the change?) [btw, tanx 4 signin' my LPST price =P, hopefully will see u someday on Guatemala. Keep up the good work.
mshinoda says to (13:05):
Remixing: I liked "remixing" Points Of Authority and "Lying From You" for our live show. We try to take some of our older songs and make them a little more fresh, for the concert, sometimes.

Chemist999 says to Diosce (13:04):
Hello, Mike. Are you working on the artwork to the next album during the recording process, or do you leave it until the album is finished?
mshinoda says to (13:06):
The artwork for the new album is already in progress. It's going to be the best artwork we've had yet.

darknessovrme says to (13:06):
D post your questions

Dirudown says to Hahninator (13:06):
Hey Mike, What can we expect with the new site layouts for mikeshinoda.com and linkinpark.com? greetings from switzerland BTWv (lplive.net)
mshinoda says to (13:07):
We're moving linkinpark.com to the Ning network, and mikeshinoda.com is moving to wordpress. That doesn't affect the "look" a ton, but it's just to say that we're trying to make our network a little more
mshinoda says to (13:07):
...easy to connect to from/with other places on the web

DrBiggy says to (13:07):
Have You ever thought of playing old stuff from the HTEP like High Voltage, And One and so on live again? Greets from lplive.net
mshinoda says to (13:08):
HTEP - some of the guys don't really love playing the super old stuff. Unfortunately, the LPU loves those songs, but the average concert goer is coming to hear the more popular tracks.

Dasha says to (13:08):
Hi, Mike, you already worked with Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, John Legend and many others talented artists. Can we expect new another collaborations in the near future, and whom would you like to work with? Greetings from Ukraine(})
mshinoda says to (13:09):
Collabos - I just did a song for Cypress Hill that might end up on their new album, coming soon. I sang on it and did the beat (no rapping!)

darknessovrme says to (13:09):
E post your questions

EvoOba says to (13:09):
Hey Mike! What?s up? Are you planning to do another art show in 2010 or any time soon? You mentioned something about taking your art outside LA. I?m dying to see new pieces from your art. Btw what do you want for xmas? Greetings from Greece, Eva
mshinoda says to (13:10):
I'd love to do an art show outside LA. I'm going to try, but the album comes first right now...
mshinoda says to (13:10):
Xmas: I want a new blog design.

Erock says to (13:10):
Have you guys ever attempted to recapture the vibes emotions and overall impact some of your great songs have had, and redirect that on newer material? For example the intensity you and chester have on LFY or F.09, or the emotions behind LTGYA...
mshinoda says to (13:12):
We always try to capture that emotion on every recording. If you're not hearing that, I suppose we're not doing a good job.
mshinoda says to (13:12):

darknessovrme says to (13:11):
F post your questoins
darknessovrme says to (13:11):

mshinoda says to (13:13):
SIDE NOTE: For people interested in my art / prints...we semi-secretly just put up a batch of my signed, numbered prints at SURU-LA. Spread the word.

frgt10_LP says to (13:12):
Hi Mike!12 songs will be on the new lp's album or more?
mshinoda says to (13:13):
# of songs on new LP album: I think there might be fewer songs, and they might be longer songs. Not sure though

Filofax says to (13:12):
Yo Mike hope your well, Will there be another remix album like Reanimation? As I really enjoy listening to that album!!
mshinoda says to (13:14):
Remixes: no plans right now. Again, I hope to re-work some of our older stuff next time we go out on tour (for the live show).

darknessovrme says to (13:13):
G post your questions

GraDoN says to (13:14):
Hi Mike greetings from South Africa, Minutes to Midnight was the first Linkin Park album containing explicit lyrics just want to know if you guys are continuing that and what topics are you exploring lyrically now? Thanks a lot for your awesome music!
mshinoda says to (13:15):
Explicit - yep, probably some cursing. Topics: anything that comes up!

Gabo says to linkingabo (13:14):
hey MIKE! will we get any more songs for download download like ''LOCKJAW'' or something special for LPU?
mshinoda says to (13:16):
Downloads / new music. Maybe the iPhone game will contain something you might be interested in...

Greg_B says to (13:15):
Hi mike, thanks for taking the time to stop by the LPU. I was wondering, are you guys working with Rick Ruben on the new album or a different producer?
mshinoda says to (13:16):
We haven't officially confirmed that Rick will be producing the next album :)

darknessovrme says to (13:16):
H post your questions

Hahninator says to (13:16):
Hey Mike! Rob said in the last chat that you guys plan to make older live recordings available to us. Can you give us more details about them and how far they reach back? Thanks! -LPLive.net
mshinoda says to (13:17):
I think we are going to be make EVERY SHOW in the last tour available. That's over 100 shows.
mshinoda says to (13:17):
= over 100 albums
mshinoda says to (13:17):
there might be some fan packages, etc. for the superfans who are interested.

hybrid_lp says to (13:17):
Hello Mike, I would like to ask about "Across The Line" ( - which is really awesome, by the way :)) - we can hear Chester's and someone else's voice in it. So who is it ? ... It doesn't sound like You... Am I wrong? ;) Greets! Monica from Poland
mshinoda says to (13:18):
I think Across The Line is all Chester's voice, although I often do the rough vocal as we're writing it, and sometimes we leave some of my vocals in. Not sure on that one.
mshinoda says to (13:18):
Definitely not anyone but me and Chester, tho

Holden says to 0000 (13:18):
Hey Mike! My question is: Will LP ever do another LPUnderground tour again? Thanks for chatting with us!
mshinoda says to (13:19):
LPU Tour: haven't discussed it yet. We'll definitely talk about it before the next tour.
mshinoda says to (13:20):
We're trying to do things for LPU that are far-reaching, since the community is world wide. A show for 150 people is awesome, but there are so many people who will never get to see that, it kinda sucks for everyone else.
mshinoda says to (13:20):
But it's great for the 150!

darknessovrme says to (13:19):
I and J post

jopeace says to (13:20):
Hey Mike! Aside from the mass amounts of balloons, what else do you guys do in the recording studio to help get your creative juices flowing? Thanks, from Leetah in Victoria, Canada! :)
mshinoda says to (13:21):
Creative stimulation: we've been in the studio a lot more, and things can get pretty free-form. Just jamming on each others' instruments, freestyling songs, recording everything.
mshinoda says to (13:22):
It can be a lot of junk, but we listen for little gems that might work their way into one of the songs. Besides, it's great practice.

JanekZech says to mshinoda (13:20):
Hey Mike, what about playing the whole Hybrid Theory album live next year to celebrate its 10th anniversary? (lplive.net)
mshinoda says to (13:22):
Playing HT live: I want to wait until the 25th anniversary LOL

pegasusrocks says to (13:23):

ISA says to (13:22):
Hey Mike! Is there any topic you would never write a song about? and still going with the Da-Na method when trying to get new lyrics with Chester? Greetings from Barcelona.
mshinoda says to (13:24):
We've been moving from singing da-na-na on tracks to a new approach: singing fake words. Just letting your mouth go and seeing what nonsense comes out. It's pretty surprising.

darknessovrme says to (13:23):
K post

KATHYxx says to (13:23):
Hey Mike, When Soundscan said that Hybrid Theory is the 7th top selling album of the decade, does it still knock you off your feet or have you found your bearings on that kind of news yet? thanks for visiting.
mshinoda says to (13:24):
7th? What's 1-6? ha
mshinoda says to (13:24):
Not being ***y, BTW. I just never realized that (as you said).
mshinoda says to (13:25):
not being arrogant, rather

kay86 says to XaGiCo (13:24):
Hey Mike! Its Kay from Linkin Park Spain. By releasing the audio of EVERY SHOW from last tour, do you mean you are going to release even the audio from the festival gigs that havent been released as DSP?? Thanks!!
mshinoda says to (13:26):
Live shows / festivals - If we didn't release audio for a show, it's almost always because the venue or show promoter made it difficult or impossible to do so.
mshinoda says to (13:27):
They may have prohibited it, or they may have demanded so much money for the rights that we were not able to make it an option (barring charging you guys $100 or $1000 for a CD, ha)

darknessovrme says to (13:25):
L post

linkinparc says to mshinoda (13:26):
Hola mike! I wanted to ask you if you plan to design LPU10 because we fans want your personal, artistic touch on it! xo Ana of the Phoenix Farrell Fansite aka. I heart PHX shirt owner.
mshinoda says to (13:28):
LPU10 design? I think I'll stick to designing mikeshinoda.com. I DO have a set of iGoogle headers coming out, BTW. In case some of you use iGoogle.

lilyjulia says to (13:27):
hey mike, we're longing for more lptv-episodes, especially from the summer09tour, can we expect some more to come? thanks for chatting with us! :)
mshinoda says to (13:28):
LPTV will start revving up in early 2010.

LmariaP says to (13:28):
Hello Mike!Thank you so much for being here tonight answering our questions!Well,how does it feel when critics strongly disapprove of your work into which you?ve spent a lot of effort and time?Can it make you stronger or the opposite? greetings from Greece
mshinoda says to (13:29):
Critics will be critical. We can't sweat what we can't change.
mshinoda says to (13:29):
Rolling Stone gave HT 2.5 stars our of 5, I think. Then they practically apologized for the review many years later, which was exceptionally nice. Most magazines aren't that way.

darknessovrme says to (13:29):
M post

mattchandrews says to darknessovrme (13:29):
Hey Mike! Do you think you could release some songs from "Xero" that havn't been heard yet, or some info about any Xero songs that no one knows about? What do you think about people downloading your albums? - From Matt Andrews in Toronto
mshinoda says to (13:30):
Xero songs - I don't have any for you to hear. I do have some other older demos though...maybe someday :)
mshinoda says to (13:31):
My stance on downloading is a little too complicated for here. It's on mikeshinoda.com though.
mshinoda says to (13:33):
found it
mshinoda says to (13:33):

MikeSnatkin says to (13:30):
Hey Mike, can you tell us something about the specials coming by each LP member at lpu soon? greets from germany! thanks - LPLive.net
mshinoda says to (13:35):
MikeSnatkin: I don't have any insight into the "LPU specials" coming up

Margherita says to (13:31):
Hi I'm Margherita from Italy... What about your last nomination for the GRAMMY? God bless you
mshinoda says to (13:36):
GRAMMY nomination for What Ive Done live was cool. We're in the same catergory with album tracks by those other artists. I guess that says something good about our live show!

MalFUNct10N says to (13:31):
Hello Mike, great job with LPU9! I love it! I read your blog post the other day, which was about ProTools8 bugs and I wanted to ask you if this issue is going to slow down the new album process! Thanks a lot Mike, greetings from Greece!
mshinoda says to (13:34):
Digidesign just called our engineer back. They weren't able to fix the problem because it might have something to do with 3rd party plug ins. We're still working on it.

darknessovrme says to (13:32):
N post

Nameless says to (13:34):
Hey Mike! Mark Fiore has been using some unreleased 2005 VMA score clips in recent LPTV episodes - do you think those have a chance of being released in full sometime? Greets from -LPLive.net- and -LinkinPark.it- :)
mshinoda says to (13:36):
I think those VMA songs are online, no? I can put them up on ms.com, I suppose.

NoFace says to (13:35):
Mike, as an inspiration to many young artists, what would you say to people who are struggling with their creativity force, artistic integrity and kicking-in real in order to be true with their art? What would you say if I ask you ?I need a sign.?
mshinoda says to (13:38):
NoFace: a few things I'd recommend: study your craft, learn from your favorite artists = don't re-invent the wheel. Then, define your own thing, and stick to it.

darknessovrme says to (13:36):
O post

OddTree says to (13:38):
Hi Mike :D Where did some of Linkin Park?s more... random song names come from? (Figure.09, Sold My Soul to Yo Mama, Papercut, etc.) Were they just working titles you guys decided to keep? -Aud ?
mshinoda says to (13:38):
Yes, they were working titles!
mshinoda says to (13:39):
Faint, too.

Orangefish says to (13:39):
Hey Mike! Have you planned something new for the live shows? Like Pyro-Technic or a light show? Maybe you guys do more crowd-surfing or something like that? Please let us know! Thanks for beeing here today, Germany loves you, Denise:)
mshinoda says to (13:39):
It's too early to tell what the live show will be like, but I imagine it will involve playing songs.

darknessovrme says to (13:39):
P post

PinkWater3 says to (13:40):
Hi Mike. All the instrumentals that you've released over the years are fantastic and had a great response. Have you ever thought of putting up an all instrumental album?
mshinoda says to (13:41):
I like instrumentals sometimes. We'll see. There could also be instrumental parts within new songs...not sure yet!

PinkSoldier9 says to (13:40):
Hey Mike, i was amazed after listening to Fear on the LPU9 cd so i was wondering, was it easy or difficult to change that song's style completely? is there any chance u guys could record that version as a Bside on the next record? Greetings from Peru!
mshinoda says to (13:42):
The evolution from "fear" to LOATR was a pretty standard evolution, for us. Most of our songs start as one thing, then change as we work on them, until they sound right. Not that Fear is bad, it's just undercooked (to me).
mshinoda says to (13:43):
But there's a beauty in that undercooked-ness that we wanted you guys to hear. Nobody ever gets to hear it but us, usually
mshinoda says to (13:43):

darknessovrme says to (13:41):
Q and R post

red_soldier says to mshinoda (13:42):
Hi Mike! Firstly i want to thank you for coming to Turkey this year(: here is my question..
How do the new lyrics sound? did you determine any concept for the songs or you just write what you currently feel?
mshinoda says to (13:43):
The new lyrics are all about Phoenix playing Golf.

darknessovrme says to (13:44):
S post

mshinoda says to (13:44):
I have to go, soon. A few more ?s

pegasusrocks says to (13:44):
OK guys last few questions, make them good :)

sckofelng says to (13:46):
Hey Mike! I totally love Across The Line, pity that it didnt make the album. Can you tell us who came up with the lyrics and instrumentals for it? Greets from LPLive.net
mshinoda says to (13:47):
Across the Line was written by all of us. The majority of the music came from two separate demos I did at my house. Chester and I did the vocals and lyrics.

snoopy23 says to (13:46):
Hi Mike, Are there any songs/music that you and the guys have made in the past that were not used that keep coming back to be worked on again? Thanks Mike for chatting with us! :$ Lauren aka: Cherry red
mshinoda says to (13:48):
There's one song we've resurrected that I sing on, that's back in the mix. You guys haven't heard about it. I don't know if it's going to be good or not. Time will tell!

SergSlim says to (13:47):
Hey Mike, we have the 5 MTV.com VMA score songs released in '05. But I think there are few unreleased ones. How about all of them together in lossless format on ms.com? LPLive.net
mshinoda says to (13:49):
MTV songs - we'll see.

darknessovrme says to (13:49):
want more or no?
mshinoda says to (13:49):
I'm gonna go. Here are a couple more tasty tidbits for you guys
mshinoda says to (13:50):
You're going to have to re-sign up for the new linkinpark.com because we're changing over the system, but you're going to be able to keep your name and password.
mshinoda says to (13:51):
The new linkinpark.com (coming asap) is going to be "themed" for the new Linkin Park game. LPU wlll be the 1st to preview it and beta test it!
mshinoda says to (13:51):
The iPhone game is going to be coming out in January, we believe.
mshinoda says to (13:51):
mshinoda says to (13:51):
The secret at the end of the game is...

pegasusrocks says to (13:51):
mshinoda says to (13:51):

pegasusrocks says to (13:52):
mshinoda says to (13:52):
. . . . . .

darknessovrme says to (13:52):
mshinoda says to (13:52):
another new song.

mshinoda says to (13:52):

*** (13:52):mshinoda lost connection, left the room