We Moved! WE MOVED


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here is a selection of the clan's favourite Mike quotes:

Zara's favourite quote:

"I'm gonna sprout wings out of my ass one day and fly around the world

Ana's favourite quote:
"i'm still here. i'm watching you.


Drew's favourite quotes:
Chester: “Last year at the Kerrang awards, Mike got so drunk he didn't even know what he was saying.”
Mike: “You were drunk too. “
Chester: “But at least I could remember what I said.”
Mike: “…Yeah, I don't remember a thing. Chester only likes me when I'm drunk anyway.”
Chester: “No, I like you when you're sober, too. You're funny when you're drunk.”

"I just wanna say that....I...this is my first Kerrang Awards and I couldn't even find a fucking seat...but thanks for putting me in the floor over here..."

Sonia's favourite quotes:
Mike: I'm not a very reading person, I like to look at pictures.
Chester: Mike likes porno.
Mike:I don't like porno! I like graphics...

Chester: We're sooo boy bandish, aren't we? I think it's because of my strikingly good looks.
Mike: I think it's because of your strikingly bad looks.
Chester: I totally disagree. I think I'm the most important person...ever.
Mike: I think Chester's full of himself and I think that's really hot!
Chester: Yeah sometimes at night you're full of me too.

Victor's favourite quote:
"Addiction recovery, I'm addicted to Chester. That's the problem."