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GLXS book available now! & GLXS review.

Monday, August 31, 2009

As many of you know, the GLXS book is now available in Mike's store, go ahead and buy it! :D Buy here

Remember as always the money goes to charity (Music for Relief) and Mike's endowed scholarship at Art Center College Of Design. :)

by Mike Shinoda
Foreword by Shepard Fairey

Who would know more about the perils of celebrity than one who’s carrying its load? Linkin Park musician and visual artist Mike Shinoda turned his experience of success in the music industry into a grand visual comment. With the completion of the dual series that encompassed the idea, Glorious Excess (Born) and (Dies), Shinoda used paint, canvas and dirty, lo-res imagery to help his audience comprehend the influences of popular culture from his unique standpoint.

Glorious Excess is a 128-page full-color book that documents the bodies of work Shinoda created for (Born) and (Dies), two conjunct shows held at the Japanese American National Museum. Shinoda’s work follows a skeletal central figure’s rise to fame in the nine works created for Born, and the character’s fall in the 17 works produced for Dies. In the forward, world-renowned artist Shepard Fairey puts this work into cultural context. “Mike Shinoda makes art that is telling the culture what is happening to it,” Fairey writes, “but unlike the dry presentation of an academic social commentator, Mike’s visual commentary has a visceral appeal that might just break through to the ADD generation.”

The book also includes five insightful chapters written by Shinoda. In these chapters, he explains how the idea for Glorious Excess was born, critiques celebrity culture, discusses his hip-hop influences, questions media’s intentions, and examines what his work means after the King of Pop’s death. Shelley Leopold, managing editor of the LA Weekly, also wrote an essay for the book. With keen insight, Leopold thoroughly examines Shinoda’s work and sheds new light on it.

Glorious Excess is being published in conjunction with Glorious Excess (Dies) at the Japanese American National Museum, August 29 to October 4, 2009.

Proceeds go to Music For Relief and the Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship at Art Center College Of Design, benefiting students based on financial need and artistic merit.'

Mike also posted a review on GLXS read it here:

LA’s Japanese American National Museum is now hosting a prodigious art exhibition by Mike Shinoda entitled Glorious Excess (Dies). The massive creative effort is a pivotal point in the career of the young artist, as he establishes himself outside of his work in music. Shinoda’s adroit use of all types of media to channel his voice is remarkable. The show signals the artist’s ability to create his vision in a plethora of mediums, including digital platforms. It’s clear that the concept of the exhibition has been thoughtfully embedded into each rendition. It’s not too early to opine that Glorious Excess (Dies) provides one the year’s most memorable moments. On view until October 4.

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