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Blogging is enjoyable and useful!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mike just posted a new blog post that "Blog: enjoyable and useful." Right underneath food. Haha, so the war is over? Mike claims he outsmarted Phoenix, lol, though Mike is getting more recognition with his new twitterfeed (which, btw, we have now!) and Phoenix just has Twitter. When Mike gets more followers than Phoenix, I think then officially the war will be over, but who knows.

I guess this war is over: I outsmarted Phoenix, now he's delusional. Poor team Twitter…they're in blog > twitter denial. Apparently, they misunderstood the whole battle. Let's go back to the beginning: twitter.com/phoenixlp: "blogging < facebook < twitter < giant terd. For the non-math contingent, those are "less than" symbols." and "blogging… lame. "Blog" is worse than "twitter." Therefore, unfortunately for team Twitter, this has never been a "which side are you on" debate. Greater-than and less-than: it's a hierarchical debate. As in: Food: Enjoyable and necessary Blog: Enjoyable and useful My Toilet: I don't care one way or another about it, but at least it's useful. Twitter: Less than toilet. I know Dave is a Star Wars fan, so I'll help him out by using a Star Wars analogy. The question is not "are you on the light side or the dark side?" The question is: which is higher on the food chain, blog or twit? Blogging is Yoda. Twitter is Jar Jar Binks.

Lol for Mike using Star Wars in his debate. But...BLOGGING RULES. TEAM SHINODA! Ha. This war...or used to be "war" is hilarious. Don't y'all agree?