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Hidden Champion issue #14

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hidden Champion is a Japanese magazine and their recent issue (#14) came out yesterday, which includes Mike Shinoda! Unfortunately there is no better scan of the page Mike is on, if you click on the picture you can get a slightly better picture, but it's not large enough. Plus it's in Japanese, which I do not know. If any of our readers are in Japan or have access to the Hidden Champion magazine, please provide us with a better scan! Contact us and if you wouldn't mind translating it for us. :)
Our other readers can help as well, if you know someone from Japan be so kind to tell them about this magazine to help us get a better scan and translating it, if they wouldn't mind, of course. :)
By the way, the magazine is FREE!
About Hidden Champion:
MUSIC / FASHION / ART / BMX / FIXED / SKATE / SURF / SNOW... Mix Culture FREE Magazine

HIDDEN CHAMPION is a free japanese Magazine featuring "hidden champions" of many cultures. The first issue appeared in August 2003. Since then it comes out 2 times a year and it´s available in good clubs, record shops, cafes and bars.