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Last Call with Carson Daly - Mike Shinoda rerun! / THANKS!

Monday, September 7, 2009

If you missed Last Call with Carson Daly with Mike Shinoda and don't want to watch it online--don't sweat it! (Only for people living in the USA)
NBC will rerun this episode tonight/early tomorrow morning. Now you can watch it on your huge TV or DVR it and watch it over and over again! It's not the same on the internet. ;)

For me, the times are weird it says it'll be on 2:06-2:35AM (Tuesday 09/08/09), I'll be recording it again, though. (last time it cut part of the interview!)
Please check your local time listing here.
If you don't live in the USA you can watch it here:

I would also like to THANK everyone for visiting the MSC site! Today is the one month anniversary of our site (four entire weeks, with constant updates) and we already have 100 followers on Twitter and we've got nearly 3000 hits on the site! Don't forget we're also now on Facebook! Become a fan!

We hope to have more hits on the site in later time, more followers, and fans! Remember, the fans make it possible! :)