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140 Character Conference Pictures #140conf

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Found some pictures from the conference!


What do you like about Twitter?
How often do you use Twitter?
As often as I blog.
How much info is too much?
It depends on your personality...

Here are some Tweets from twitterers that were at the conference.
@m_shinoda says that they changed the name of Linkin Park in order to get the URL when they started the band
Social media allows @m_shinoda to own his connection with fans & make sure it is "correct."
Linkin Park talking abt numbers vs "true fans." #140conf
@m_shinoda speaking with @scottperry they want more actual fans instead of the race to a million. 

Mike was talking about how millions of fans isn't the most important thing for Linkin Park but rather true fans are more important to them. Quality>Quantity
I also found a video:

Will get more pics later (better quality pictures), Mike JUST spoke, literally.
Edit: More pics uploaded, one of them: