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Chester talks about DBS and new Linkin Park album

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Although this site is dedicated to Mike Shinoda, I found an interview with Chester talking about the new Linkin Park album as well as his new side project, Dead by Sunrise.
I thought this part was interesting:

Linkin Park’s next record isn’t slated for release until 2010, but can you give us some idea of what we’ll be hearing? I read a quote from Mike Shinoda stating that the album will be “genre-busting.”

Chester Bennington: Mike, with that comment, every interview I’ve done they’ve asked me specifically about that quote! Thanks, Mike! From my perspective, I agree with him. The longer Linkin Park is around, the more difficult it is to find a place that we fit in best. Are we a pop band? Are we an alternative rock group? Are we a modern rock act? Are we a metal group? Or are we something else? Nobody knows what the hell is going on with us anymore, and I think that’s something that will propel us into being a better band in the future. I think it sets us apart.

I do believe this record is definitely going to help make that more difficult for people to understand. In terms of how it sounds, we’ve got 40 songs. A handful of them are amazing. A dozen or so are really good, and the rest could have potential. The ones that are pretty amazing and the ones that everyone is pretty much like, “As long as the lyrics are great, the song is a masterpiece” – they are really fucking good. It’s kind of nuts. From my perspective when I hear them, I can’t believe that I’m in this band. I can’t believe this is the stuff that I’m a part of making. I’m sharing the same stage as some of the most talented people in the world and have one of the best producers in the history of music. We’re making groundbreaking stuff, and it’s very strange to be part of that.

I love this one:
Mike’s quote was certainly an intriguing one that piqued our curiosity.

Chester Bennington: That quote is so not Mike’s personality. He’s a really pretty humble guy, and he doesn’t like to toot his own horn. For him to come out and say – “ Yeah, it’s genre-busting” – it’s kind of like, “Well, all right!”

Read more here.

I also found a new picture taken by Joz:

She also wrote about her experience meeting Mike Shinoda, read it here:
Mike Shinoda was seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met.
He was so incredibly gracious with his time that day. Not only had he
already done a special "Members Only" Q&A, he also signed autographs
and then did a private walk-through of his exhibit, even though it
wasn’t on the agenda!

Wish you were there? You should be a member of JANM.org for special
members only events like these!

Japanese American National Museum (JANM)
Little Tokyo, Downtown LA
Los Angeles, CA

Btw, I know I said I'd get a download for that video of Mike Shinoda talking about the GLXS (DIES) raffle, I haven't forgot, I'm just so busy with school, I'll get it soon!

Edit: Metric will be in Tokyo tonight and they're giving away free tickets, all you have to do is fill out a form: (posted on Mike's blog)
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