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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mike's blogged about a few projects MFR has got going on.

For those in LA you can help plant trees to reforest a damaged park

"Please join Music For Relief and Tree People October 17th as we work together to plant trees in Stenton Ranch Park in Sylmar, CA. In 2008 Sylmar saw two fires that burned over 35,000 acres and displaced some 50,000 people. Between 9am and 12 pm we will reforest the park with 30 trees that will provide shade, oxygen and revitalize a beautiful landscape. Take part in this rewarding experience! Register on the Tree People website by following the link http://www.treepeople.org/million-trees-la-park-planting-0 and filling out the registration form. If you have any questions, please email Megan at megan@musicforrelief.org."

 And you can also donate to help recovery after the recent earthquake and tsunamis.

But also, for those elsewhere in the world who can help, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake was followed by a series of tsunamis, affecting the Pacific islands of Samoa, Tonga and America Samoa. Pago-Pago the capitol of American Samoa was badly damaged. The death toll is currently at 146, with hundreds missing. Sixty villages have been completely destroyed. The Red Cross is reporting 15,000 people affected, with 3,000 homeless. In addition, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Sumatra on Wednesday followed by a 6.6 magnitude quake on Thursday causing severe damage and it is estimated that 1100 people ere killed. Accurate information on the number of people affected or displaced by the disaster is not yet available as the search and rescue effort is still underway, but it is known that in Padang alone, at least 500 homes are caved in, hospitals, schools and other buildings have collapsed.

Please go to www.musicforrelief.org to see how you can help. 

You can instantly donate $5 to Music for Relief by texting "RELIEF" to 90999