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True Self Art Show paintings

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looks like the Jonathan LeVine Gallery site has put up the paintings that will be featured tonight at the True Self art show. We finally got Mike's painting as a whole, check it out:

acrylic, dirt, ink and spray paint on canvas

34 x 24 in. (86.4 x 61 cm)


Some other paintings:

Gretchen Ryan

Fons Schiedon

Gary Baseman


Luke Chueh

Ray Caesar

Check out more here.

Also there's a interview with Mike, check it out here. We'll have it on the site soon. :)
*EDIT* You can read the interview here on the MSC

Hybrid Theory

Today is Hybrid Theory's anniversary! 9 YEARS since it's release! If you have a Twitter make sure to make #LinkinParkDay a trending topic!


KATHYxx said...

Mike's painting reminds me fondly of Tim Bizkup's pictures.
Also I recognize the horse so Fons made me laugh hard.