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Donate $1 to Music For Relief via airwalk / Win a Rock Band 2 signed by Linkin Park

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Music For Relief has posted this:

Airwalk.com is donating up to $10,000 to charity and they are letting YOU choose where each dollar is donated. Visit airwalk.com/doingyourpart and tell Airwalk to donate $1 in your name to Music for Relief then tell a friend, this costs you nothing and will help MFR continue to support disaster relief and reduce global warming. Thank you for your support!
It's simple, plus it's free! All you gotta do is provide your name and email address.

You can also donate via SocialVibe click here to do so, invite 8 people and you're eligible to win a Rock Band 2 game for the Wii SIGNED BY LINKIN PARK!
As a thanks for helping them support Music for Relief, Linkin Park is offering a limited-edition, autographed Rock Band 2 for Wii to one lucky member who successfully invites at least 8 friends to join them on SocialVibe by 11:59pm on December 17. You'll be automatically entered to win as soon as you've reached 8 invites, so get started!

Don't forget that on the right sidebar there is also a SocialVibe app click on it and donate to Music for Relief! I see only 4 people clicked? Click more!

A friendly reminder the Glorious Excess (DIES) raffle is about to end (November 11th) so if you haven't bought your raffles yet, like me, it's best if you buy them NOW! Click on the banner on the right to access the site or click here.

I'll be doing that soon, I'm thinking about giving $150, give or take a few dollars.