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Fort Minor Tour Audio Article

Monday, November 30, 2009

This may be interesting to some of you, I found an interview with Fort Minor's front of house engineer, Brad Maddix, I think its pretty cool Mike was writing stuff for Minutes To Midnight whilst touring FM.

...We have a mic package and in-ear monitor system,” Madix says. “Everything else today is from the house. We have carried a pair of [Yamaha] PM5Ds and a snake on some of our U.S. dates, along with all the stage cables, mics — everything but racks and stacks — in a trailer behind the bus. We're heading to Australia and New Zealand, and as if [Shinoda's] not busy enough, Mike had a studio thrown in his bus, writing new Linkin Park material...

Read the rest of the article here

Also added this photo from the article to the gallery.