We Moved! WE MOVED

Linkin Park win "Best World Stage Performance" at the MTV EMA's!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Linkin Park just won the MTV European Music Award for 'Best World Stage Performance'! Congratulations to all the guys! Unfortunately, they lost 'Best Rock' to Green Day. But one is better than nothing, right? The guys couldn't attend the show but Mike and Chester sent a cute little video from Mike's home studio. I hope someone has recorded it because i can't remember what they said to save my life! Damn you, excitement! Congrats again to the guys! :)

and this was my first post to the blog, yay me!

EDIT: You can now watch it here or on our page:

Thanks to Chester-land.net for the link. And bennoda.co.nr

Yet again another edit: thanks to yanchaz for ripping it and putting it on youtube for those who cant watch the video, Ive put the video in our gallery here .
Thanks to Maria for telling us.