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Rob Chat Highlights

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I thought I'd post the LP news from the LPU chat with Rob:

On the new album:

New album is coming along great, we're exploring a lot of new terriory musically, and we're very excited for you guys to hear it. It's hard to say exactly what it will sound like until we get a little further into the process.

We don't have a name for the new CD yet, and not sure when it will be out. Hopefully sometime within the first half of next year.

We have 5 songs that are close to being finished. THey are definitely unique and don't sound like anything we have done before.It's hard to describe them, but you will hear them soon enough.

On releasing older songs:
Yes, if possible we'll release older songs like we will for LPU9. We have a lot of music in the LP vault and we'd like for people to hear it someday. Maybe LPU10...

On releasing older live shows:
Yes, we're planning to release any of the older shows that we have recorded.I'm not sure that we have recordings all the way back to 04, but we're going to release everything that we have available. It's in the works, and we're hoping it happens really soon.

On No Roads Left live:
Not sure if we will play No Roads Left live, we did try it out and didn't love the way it came accross live.

On styling (we think its Mike hes talking about):
No I didn't give anybody styling tips, but somebody in my band has been asking me for styling tips!

Also MIKE will be attending the next chat which I think will be on 9th of December