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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I know we dont usually post about Mikes blog but I wanted to make sure you all saw this one

I've been gone for a minute, with the holidays and everything. Funny--I came back and there are some buggy things going on with mikeshinoda.com's comments, RSS, and backend. Sorry if it's messing things up for you--I'm working on some fixes soon.


Among other things, I got a Nord Electro 3 for Christmas. I can't wait to start using it...we're moving on from the last batch of songs (5) to a new batch. I don't know what songs will be in the new batch. We have about 15 contenders, with some brand new gems that I worked on with Chester and Brad. The first LP studio meeting of 2010 is next Monday, so we'll vote on it then.

On another note, I hope you're getting your New Year's Eve plans together. I never really make plans, and I end up doing whatever comes up, last minute. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not...but once again, I have no idea what I'll be up to.

BTW, here's a better clip of the Medvedev interview. I know I was late on it. I forgot to post it because I was drunk on egg nog.


Looks like the new LP album is on schedule, and we hope Mike's New Year Eve works out!

Ive added these two pictures from the Street Dreams premiere to the gallery: