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Mike on Larry King Live

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mike was just on CNN's Larry King Live, he posted a video from backstage, view here:

Download here.

As far as the actual video that aired on Larry King Live, I don't have, but we'll get it shortly!

EDIT: You can also now download/stream "Heroes" by Peter Gabriel on MusicForRelief.org, this was featured on Larry King Live after Mike and Enrique. :)

EDIT2: lpassociation.com uploaded the actual video on Larry King Live! Hopefully a better one will arise but for now this will suffice, go and watch it:

EDIT 4: Found a much better video thanks to sun5468 for uploading it.

EDIT3: Mike added to his blog post:
The piece came out great. Two notes:

1.) Although I was joking around about Enrique being late, we actually weren’t waiting around very long. Blame the satellite :)

2.) Although I was told Christine Emerson Reed was an actress…now I’m not so sure. I think she was a Santa Monica City councilwoman. Here’s our park: