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Friday, February 11, 2005

Linkin Park Celebrates Christmas For Homeless

December 2000

Members of Linkin Park have definitely been thinking about the meaning of Christmas. Singer Mike Shinoda told LAUNCH that he gets involved in the charitable Christmas dinner hosted by guitarist Brad Delson and family. "I'm not sure if they're doing it this year, but Brad, our guitarist ...his family puts on a charity Christmas dinner that they host at this auditorium," Shinoda explained, "and the homeless are invited. It's basically a dinner for the homeless, and I've always worked at that. Last year we were too busy with the band to do it, but this year I'll be in town and hopefully be able to go help out there again. That's always fun. That's cool every year." Linkin Park has two more shows left to play before Christmas: California's Modesto Centre Plaza on Thursday (December 21) and the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento on Friday (December 22). After a holiday break, the band is scheduled to resume touring January 26, kicking off a headlining tour in Seattle.