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Friday, February 11, 2005

Linkin Park 'One Step Closer' To Emotion

November 2000

Between its song "One Step Closer" and its live show, Linkin Park has been building momentum while winning a growing legion of fans, including many from other bands. Singer Mike Shinoda says that it's the emotion of the band's songs that translates so well on stage. "For example, 'One Step Closer,' when we were in the studio, we were really frustrated at times writing lyrics, and Chester (Bennington) emptied out a whole fruit bowl on the wall," Shinoda says. "I mean, he picked everything up and kept throwing stuff because we were that frustrated at one point. For the most part, with songs like that one, when there's so much emotion involved in the song, it's easy to harness that and put it into our live show." Linkin Park is currently touring in support of its debut album, Hybrid Theory. The L.A. quintet plays tonight (November 28) in Toronto. The band begins touring with Papa Roach next week.