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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I found this blog post about Mike and Glorious Excess (Dies), the writer got to go to the talk with Mike held at the JANM.

...In fact, for a celebrity like Linkin Park and Fort Minor front-man, Mike Shinoda, how he usually gets recognized goes something like this: A maintenance man, like a plumber, will go to his house and he’ll tell the plumber to keep the home address a secret. The plumber will get suspicious, go home and ask his kid who this “Mike Shinoda” character is. The kid will exclaim, pointing to the six Linkin Park posters plastered all over his walls, “He’s from my favorite band, Linkin Park! Why? Do you know Mike Shinoda?”...

Read it here

Also, Im playing around with the gallery so it may look weird for a bit.