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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mike posted about BOJAM, a recording and mixing software, but you don't have to download anything to access it, with the exception of Flash, of course. Seemed pretty interesting, you can play with it here. The developers are still testing the software so this is the beta version. But it definitely seems fun, even if you know nothing about mixing songs (like me! ha).

Original post:

For all my aspiring musicians (and probably even non-musicians out there), check this out...such an awesome idea. The video above is old, but I just saw the beta site today (link below), and it's pretty advanced. I'm not sure about the performance of "Africa" by Toto (LOL)...but BOJAM is "server-side" recording and mixing software: you don't have to download anything on your computer to use it (except Flash, which we all have anyway). Even if you know nothing about making music, you can create or remix a song with other users from around the world. In theory, you could even have a band with four musicians who have never met in person--they just wrote a hit song together from four different places around the world.

Apparently, they're still testing out the software, so they're looking for new users to try it out and tell them how to make it better. To try it, go here, fill in the info, and you'll be ready to play with the software. Trust me, it's worth it.



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