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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates there is literally nothing happening with Mike, nothing about Linkin Park either..well hardly. The only news of Mike is that he got food poisoning this past weekend! Hope he's well.

Anyway, a few days ago Billboard released their "One-hit Wonders of the Decade" and Fort Minor was mentioned!
Listed as number 19:



It's a good thing Mike Shinoda has Linkin Park to fall back on. Fort Minor, his musical side project, started big, reaching No. 2 with "Where'd You Go" in June 2006. Fans have been asking the same question since then; the band's next biggest hit, "Remember the Name," peaked at No. 66. three months later.

Also seems like Mike was a voter for Rolling Stone's 100 Best Songs of the Decade, in this list, however, there was no Linkin Park or Fort Minor, but Mike did vote and based on his and other voters they made the list.
You can see this list here.

Although this isn't news relating to Mike...
As some of you know Chester's side project, Dead by Sunrise, played at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas on Saturday. I found this really awesome video:

and one of my favorite songs:

Congratulations, Chester. :) I'm pretty sure this was from the live stream. I wish I saw it all now, lol.

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