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LPU Chat

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chat transcript here.
We've just been in the LPU chat with Mike, heres a roundup of what he told us:

The Ipod/ Iphone game:

  • The game takes place in low resolution where you defeat an organisation that wants people to use high resolution. 
  • Should be out in January 
  • There will be A NEW SONG at the end of the game.
New LP album:
  • Fewer but longer songs
  • Artwork for the new album is already in progress and will be the best artwork yet.
  • Theres a mix of Mike and Chester on the next album and one of the songs have a lot of rapping in them
  • Will probably be explicit
  • Lots of topics covered
  • He wont confirm that Rick Rubin will be producing the album 
  • There could be instrumental parts on the album
Other news:
  • May be some fan packages with DSPs available soon
  • They'll discuss the possibility of another LPU tour before they tour the next album.
  • No plans for a Fort Minor album hes channeling his Fort Minor energy in new LP album
  • Mikeshinoda.com is moving to wordpress to make it easier to use and connect with the web.
  • It is unlikely that they will play much of the older (HTEP) stuff at shows.
  • Mike sang and did the beat on a Cypress Hill track for their new album.
  • Mike has a set of iGoogle headers coming out soon. 
  • He said he might put up the tracks he did for the VMAs on mikeshinoda.com.
  • The new LP.com will be designed around the game and LPU members will be asked to beta-test it soon.
We will get the transcript up ASAP.

Looking forward to hearing the Cypress Hill track and seeing the iGoogle headers.

EDIT: We got the chat transcript! View here.