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Grammy Nominations Pictures

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally, they're here! I found some pictures (thanks to Abby for the tip that they're available!) from the Grammy Nominations.
I added 27 pictures, sorry for the tag, soon (perhaps) we won't have a tag anymore!

Click on the pictures to view the entire album.

Enjoy the pictures! I'll be searching for a video of it later! I saw it on TV and I thought they did great. :)

ANNNND, Linkin Park are nominated for a Grammy Award!! They are nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance for "What I've Done"! To view all nominees click here. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GUYS!

Btw, found some pictures from the MSDC x SURU Shoe Signing event, I'll upload later. :)

Also, what do you think about Mike's style? I like it, it's different.

EDIT: Mike posted a short clip from the Grammy Nomination Event. View here: