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New Layout for Mike's Blog

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Layout

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!
He moved to wordpress! Looks nice!
I think they're still working on it, but I love it!

There's also a mobile version, thank goodness! I think it'll be very useful, especially for me, I often go to his site on my phone!
Check it out:
Mobile Layout1Mobile Layout2

Click on the pictures to make them larger

Edit: Can y'all comment on his blog? I can't comment! Oh and I found out that the mobile version isn't available for all mobile phones. Sorry guys. :/

Btw, Mike posted about his new layout:

Hey guys…It’s been a bit overdue, but the new redesign is finally here (as you can see). The art, videos, and other sections are being imported as we speak; you’ll see those again in the next few days. It may not look a lot different right now, but we’ll be streamlining the features as we go. I hope you like it.

On another note, my bandmates and I have a big announcement (not album related) coming today / tomorrow. Stay tuned.

EDIT: If you encounter any problems with the site, please leave a comment about it under this post. Thanks!