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Update: 8 Bit Rebellion On the Way

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mike posted a new blog post about the game!

A quick “8 BIT REBELLION” update. Our new game, available for the iPhone and iPod touch, will be out soon. We’ve pushed the release back a few weeks because we’re testing the game. In fact, I’m playing the game right now, making sure everything looks good. So far, there are still some minor changes to make...and I’m taking notes. We don’t want to release it until all we’ve addressed as many issues as we can!

Also, many of you have asked about the game being available for other platforms, since you don’t all have iPods (although Steve Jobs is hoping you will reconsider, ha). We’re hoping to get it out for other mobile platforms after it debuts with Apple. No word on that yet; it may take a while. For now, it will only be available on iPod and iPod touch.

Lastly, let there be no confusion: the song we released for DOWNLOAD TO DONATE is not the same song as the one on the game. The song on the game is ANOTHER brand new Linkin Park song.

For more info on 8 BIT REBELLION, go here:



THAT is great news! Can't wait for it to be out! I'm jealous that Mike is already playing with it!

In other news: We're losing against Nickelback!

One more thing, Rob Dyrdek (professional skateboarder) is supporting Download to Donate Haiti! Check out his tweet here!
And Mike's response.

Mike also tweeted this:

So now if you go to FortMinor.com you will be redirected to another page, LinkinPark.com's Fort Minor page.
And FortMinorMilitia.com goes to LPUnderground.com.
Sad news about the sites going down but Mike's tweet intrigues me.