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Glorious Excess (DIES) Raffle: Update

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remember the raffle from last year? If you don't, read this.

How many people got an email that they won? (other than the grand prize winner) There was a thread on the LPU asking for any winners to stand up, it was odd that no one said they won or mentioned it! Well, YOU might of won, that is if you entered the raffle! I didn't get any email from Celebrities for Charities Foundation, no notice at all and I thought I didn't get anything. Today I came home and I saw this UPS Express tube at my door, I was confused...I didn't order anything nor did my parents, not anything that would pertain in a tube, anyway. So I brought it inside and checked who it was from and guess what? It was from the foundation! As soon as I found out what it was I literally freaked. This surprise was awesome, especially one as grand as this! So all you people who lost hope, just wait! You might be a winner!

Best of luck to all of you!